Hello, i'm Paul.

A freelance web developer & photographer

Paul Stewart, Onefastsnail

Paul Stewart

Born in bonnie Perth, Scotland, now living in Helsinki, Finland.


PHP, Javascript, ReactJs, Docker

Using the Wordpress multisite feature to create a maintainable flexible platform to easily create and develop multilingual sites for events with bespoke features, including third party API integrations and social media feeds. Also sqeezed in some ReactJs to enhance the user experience of important interfaces.

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Basemark Powerboard

Javascript, AngularJS, APIs, Sass

A fully responsive AngularJS app allowing users to search, filter and compare a large range of devices and benchmarks. Using Prerender.io to allow the website to be crawled perfectly by search engines.

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PHP, Javascript, Sass

A mobile first responsive Wordpress theme using Bootstrap to help lay the foundations of the front end. PS. Check out the 404 page :D

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PHP, Javascript, Sass

A fully mobile responsive Wordpress theme with features to allow the client to update/manage all their page content easily.

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PHP, Javascript, Sass

A very customisable Wordpress theme with the client having the ability to create page content using blocks. This allows a very flexible and easy way to manage various types of content on pages.

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Apple Blossom Time

PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Sass

A Laravel app created to internally help manage the business and everything that holds it together from generating reports, managing clients, appointments, products and notes. Finishing off with a basic Bootstrap to scaffold the front end.